Frequently Asked Questions

  • If you creat an account and buy bicycle tags directly From our online store, Activation process would be performed immidiately during the shipping process and in the name of customer however
  • if you buy more than one bicycle tag for several people, its recommended that you provide us with the list of the usernames that would be using those tags(during your puchase checkout in purchase comment space ).
  • If you have received a tag from a third party like a bicycle shop or during an event, write us an email to  and include below information:
  1. Your username
  2. Your Cb#
  3. Name of the person or bike shop that you have received the tag.


In order to avoid potential abuse of Cb tags, there is a limit in the amount of tags that could be acquired by one person; however if you organize an event with an event page on social platforms such as Facebook and Google+ , we would readily send Cb tags  to the event organizers according to the attending guests and their orders.  As a treat from Cyclingboom you would receive some extra Cb tags in case that you had some extra last-minute attendees.

Cyclingboom potential customers could be from all around the globe and with different financial capacities. In order to provide this service for all intrested cyclists, we have decided to offer our products with the least possible prices, However we would appreciate if you help the project with few extra bucks. you can insert your desired price in variable price field and pay the price that you think our products are worth.

Keep in touch with us, share your ideas and let us know what you think about the project.  You can also help us by buying paid tags, by sponsoring us if you own a cycling related business, by distributing our tags If you own a bike shop, and lots more thing you can do. you tell us…

We count on voluntary work of people, small incomes from paid tags, sponsors and also web Ads.


Unfortunately reading barcodes and RFID data tags require special devices and would hurt the diffusion and usability of the system even for developed countries. Reading the RFID tags requires a machine and it means that ordinary people cannot use the system, barcodes also are handy if one has the app or device to read it, otherwise it also remains redundant. 

Compared to breaking a lock, It would take more time to remove these tags. However thieves would be able to remove these tags, as they can already break almost any kind of lock. The point is that it’s not possible to remove these metal tags without making visible scars on the bicycle frame which would clearly signalize probability of theft for those who want to buy the bike.

The main advantage is that the tags are made from stainless steel and has been designed to resist against removal more than other solutions.

Not everyone knows about the bike registry websites;

If the registration is solely based on frame serial # without any indication on the bike that gives a clue of the registry service provider, even if you know some on the bicycle registry website, you may check tens of these websites without being sure if the bike is not registered in another website. However our metal tags, comes also the address of the website which makes it very easy to control the bike status in matter of seconds.

We believe that cyclists wouldn't buy stolen bikes providing that there is an easy way to distinguish them and this initiative offers an easy way to distinguish them, We hope that informed cyclists would not be anymore a customer of thieves by controlling the bike status.
The goal is reducing the market and increasing the risk implications assigned with selling and riding stolen bikes.

All the products are mainly used to remind to the potential thives that the bicycle is registered in cyclingboom bicycle registry system and to deter them from stealing a bicycle that has more risk to sell. There are some difference between Free and paid tags though;

Free Bicycle tags rely on rigisteration of frame serial number and do not offer our unique 7 digit code.

While Paid premium tags also offer Cb serial numbers which makes it easier to find the registered bicycles among all other data entries and are bigger in size which makes it easier to notice.

Multiple pieces is also another advantage of A-seires bicycle tag, so one can put them on bicycle parts as well as bicycle frame to have the same protection for bicycle parts as well as Frame. By buying the tags you are also helping us to sustain this project and maintain distribution of free tags as well.